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We at Shama Holdings are comitted to efficient utilization of our farms in production of agricultural commodities. We grow cash and subsistence crops, and keep dairy animals in zero grazing units. Our mission is to maximize on available land resources by adopting farming as a business. We provide leadership in best farming practices, creating opportunities for farmers in the region to improve their farming methods.

Our produce is mainly sold to our sister companies Shama Milk, Shama Academy, Shama Fish and Bacon, and Shama Hostels.

Latest News
Another great performance in 2016 KCPE!!

Morri Muthee Mwangi led the way with 405 marks!

The Directors and all staff of Shama congratulate our great champions, and the entire Std 8 Class of 2016

Opening Day for Term Two 2017 Shama Academy: 2nd May for Boarders and 3rd May for day scholars


Mid-term/Open Day - Shama Academy: Thursday 20th JUNE 2017

Boarders resume on 26th JUNE  by 4pm at the latest.

Day Scholars resume on 27th JUNE, 2017



Closing Day - This will be communicated after mid-term


Open Day Term TWO 2017


20th JUNE 2017