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Our motto is "Education For A Better Future". The high standard of tuition has been confirmed by the excellent results of KCPE exams for the past years. All the candidates go to good secondary schools, including Starehe Boys, Alliance, Mangu, Nyeri, Kagumo, and Bishop Gatimu, among others. The 2009 Standard 8 class has been performing very well in the inter-school exams, and we are confident that they will do equally well in the KCPE exams.


Shama Hostels is an excellent facility for men, located about 2km beyond the Outspan Hotel in Nyeri, next to the Nyeri Water Treatment plant. It comprises of accommodation and catering units, with a capacity of more than 150 people. The boarding facilities include a three storey building, with 9 units. Each unit is divided into smaller rooms, being shared by between 2 and 8 people.


The hostels have 24-hour security, and the rooms are kept very neat. Their introductory rates are very competitive, and free meals are provided. For people coming to stay for short periods of up to 7 days, they pay a special rate, and they do not have to bring beddings with them.


We are working with communities to establish fish and pig farming projects in Tetu West Division of Nyeri district. The projects are owned by the community, mainly the youth, and managed through partnerships with Shama Fish and Bacon Company. The patron of the project is a veterinarian, with vast experience in mobilization of funds, and management of projects of this nature, including Shama Milk and Shama Farmers Self Help Group, for which he is Director and patron respectively. The project are focused, with excellent plans of action, financial implications and timelines for activities. Implementation is however contingent on the availability of funds., which are mobilized in a variety of ways.


Shama academy started selling milk in the year 2001 when the amount produced by their cows at the school exceeded that consumed by staff and students. The excess milk was initially sold to a local cooperative society, and later to a milk trader in Nyeri town. With time the school opened its own milk bar, at which the milk was sold. The returns on sales were so encouraging that not only did the school increase production, it started buying milk from other farmers in the neighborhood and selling it at the milk bar. This led to the registration of Shama Milk as an independent company, and in 2004 the Shama Farmers Self Help Group was registered.


Shama Holdings is the farming partner in the group, with activities in both Nyeri and Laikipia districts. In Laikipia, our focus is on wheat, maize and beans. When these are harvested, they are transported to Nyeri and sold to our partner companies, and to the community. In Nyeri, we grow a variety of vegetable crops, and fodder for our zero-grazed animals. We sell milk, and breeding animals when we have excess.
Latest News
Another great performance in 2017 KCPE!!

Elvis Mwangi was tops, with 410 marks!!!

In second place was Faith Karimi with 402 Marks!!

In third place was Alvin Mwangi with 397 Marks! 

The Directors and all staff of Shama congratulate our great champions, and the entire Std 8 Class of 2017

Opening Day for Term One 2018 Shama Academy: 2nd January for Boarders and 3rd January for day scholars


Mid-term/Open Day - Shama Academy: Wednesday 21st February 2018

Boarders resume on Tuesday 27th February at 4.00pm at the latest

Day Scholars resume on Wednesday 28th February, 2018



Closing Day - This will be communicated after mid-term