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Shama Milk is a private company that works with farmers and government is a model of public-private-partnership. The company was established following a felt need by Shama Academy to be self-sufficient in milk for their pupils and staff. 

Shama academy started selling milk in the year 2001 when the amount produced by their cows at the school exceeded that consumed by staff and students. The excess milk was initially sold to a local cooperative society, and later to a milk trader in Nyeri town. With time the school opened its own milk bar, at which the milk was sold. The returns on sales were so encouraging that not only did the school increase production, it started buying milk from other farmers in the neighborhood and selling it at the milk bar. This led to the establishment of Shama Milk.

Currently, Shama Milk buys, transports and sells at least 5,000 litres of milk per day. We collect milk from more than 2000 farmers; three vehicles are dedicated to the transportation of milk, which is sold at 8 milk bars in Nyeri municipality; and more than 30 employees are fully occupied by the enterprise. Installation of milk cooling tanks at strategic collection centres has enabled farmers to deliver milk at any time of day. By October 2011, 12 cooling tanks had been installed and commissioned.

We are responding to increased milk production and the need to consume hygienic milk by expanding the business through improved and efficient transportation, and better handling during the marketing process, thus creating a competitive edge over other players.  This has had a major impact on dairy farming as farmers in areas served by cooling tanks no longer have to wake up in the middle of the night to milk their cows. Those with high producing animals are also able to milk three times a day. This is also contributing to the consumption of safe milk in Nyeri municipality.

Latest News
Another great performance in 2017 KCPE!!

Elvis Mwangi was tops, with 410 marks!!!

In second place was Faith Karimi with 402 Marks!!

In third place was Alvin Mwangi with 397 Marks! 

The Directors and all staff of Shama congratulate our great champions, and the entire Std 8 Class of 2017

Opening Day for Term One 2018 Shama Academy: 2nd January for Boarders and 3rd January for day scholars


Mid-term/Open Day - Shama Academy: Wednesday 21st February 2018

Boarders resume on Tuesday 27th February at 4.00pm at the latest

Day Scholars resume on Wednesday 28th February, 2018



Closing Day - This will be communicated after mid-term